Mannequin Dogs

We specialise in mannequins in the shape of a dog, cat or other animals. Made out of fabric, these mannequins are used as promotional tools in shops selling products such as dog/cat clothing and dog/cat accessories.


Dog mannequins can also be used as props/ decoration in fashion retail shops or can be used in a home environment as a decorative item or door stop.


Please check our shop for a standard range of dog mannequins. We also create customised dog mannequins where we offer a range of several designs and allow the customer to choose shape, fabric and colour.


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Dog Mannequin Gallery

4 colourful mannequin dogs by Pink Dog & Co

Small dog with flower

Spotty dog

Custom made mannequin dog

Black mannequin dog by Pink Dog & Co

Custom made purple mannequin dog

Stripey mannequin dog

Grey mannequin dog

Tan coloured mannequin dogs

Mannequin dogs on leash

Grey mannequin dog on suitcase

Custom made white mannequin dog

Custom made tan mannequin dog

Custom made cream mannequin dog

Custom made British fabric mannequin dog

Custom made white mannequin dog with suitcase

Custom made sausage mannequin dog

Custom made Barbour mannequin dog

Mannequin dog enquiry

For customised mannequin dogs, tell us your vision and we’ll bring it to life